Will the Bottle Pocket fit my Bottle?

Most likely! There are two common sizes of bottles out there - a narrow size, and a large version. To double check which one - wrap a dollar bill around your bottle. If it covers almost 1/2 of the bottle, you have a "Wide." If it covers more than 1/2, you likely have a "Narrow." 

Still not sure? Send us a picture and we will confirm!


Does it Work?

We went through over 50 revisions and prototypes to bring the perfect product to you. The internal elastic band and outer neoprene is designed to fit your most treasured items. If you are not 100% happy, please reach out to info@bottlepocket.com and well happily assist you.


When can we contact you?

Please reach out 24/7. We have a customer service team ready to assist you and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Send an email to info@bottlepocket.com or text/call (385)831-1074


Are they in-stock?

Yes. All product you purchase is in stock in the USA (see our videos on TikTok or Instagram for proof!) and ships out the same business day that you order. We even sometimes ship on weekends for extra-speedy service!